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Participating Photographer's Terms and Conditions


"What You Give and What You Get"


Minimum Images to Qualify
In order to qualify for the photographer's price and receive the photographers price, you are expected to submit a minimum of 20 images per safari. Focus on Africa Publications, and all U.S. and African sponsors will have the right to use your images for promotional purposes. We will not have the right to sell your images. You own the copyrights to your photos.

HD-Video Photographers Requirements::
HD Video-Photographers are expected to submit a minimum of 60 minutes of edited images. Included in the HD-Video must be a minimum of 2 interviews with safari guides. We also welcome interviews with your professional photographers’ leader and other tour members with a message of interest.

HD-video Camera Requirements:
If you are applying as a video-photographer you must use a HD-video camera.

Camera Equipment
Photographers agree to use a 35mm SLR or medium format camera on safari and to have a minimum of one lens with a focal length of at least 200mm to be eligible for the photographer’s discount. Digital cameras must have a minimum resolution of 6.0 megapixels.

Model Releases
Photographs of people that are not tour members, camp employees or indigenous tribal people submitted must be accompanied by a model release. We will supply model release forms. Each participant of Focus On Africa must also sign a model release.

Respecting the Culture
Photographers are expected to respect the privacy of people you will meet on safari. This applies not only to the African people, but also to the tourists who have traveled to Africa to experience a safari. Participants should not do anything that would upset the cultures of Africa or disturb the environment.

Timetable for Submitting Images
All images
/HD-Video must be submitted within 45 days of the end of your safari.

Appropriate credits will be given to the photographers whose images
/HD-Video are used.

All camera equipment is the responsibility of the tour member. Security of camera equipment has not been a problem in Africa over the years. However, you will be given security tips in your pre-departure materials.

Shot List
Each participating photographer will receive a list of imagesimages
/HD-Video we are seeking. These will include wildlife, birds, accommodations, tribal people, tourists, landscapes, guides and more. The list will assist you in capturing the images and thus increase your chance of having your images chosen for publication.

Photographer’s Agreement: I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined herein and understand that I will be invoiced for the amount of the discount I am receiving as a qualified photographer/HD Video Photographers should I fail to comply with these conditions.

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