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A Message From David Anderson

David Anderson.

“It seems to me that the Focus on Africa program
was mounted with a great deal of
imagination and vision.”

Dr. Richard Leakey, former Director of Kenya Wildlife Service

Africa. The word alone conjures up images of pristine landscapes, tribal people living in harmony with nature and untamed wildlife which has roamed free since time immemorial.

And tourism plays an important role in preserving this spectacular natural heritage. The fact is, if tourists do not come to view the wildlife, it will not survive. As long as the local people benefit economically from tourism, there is an incentive to protect wildlife habitats and the wildlife it supports.

During 1993, David Anderson Safaris organized the Focus on Africa project. The project’s ongoing mission is to promote sustainable, well-managed and environmentally conscious tourism as one of the solutions to the complex problem of wildlife conservation and community development. One hundred thirty-six photographers travel to Africa to capture its magic on film.The goal, as documented in the subsequent book Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation, and Man, is to help increase the awareness of Africa as a destination and the role responsible tourism plays in the conservation of Africa’s magnificent wildlife heritage, thus motivating travelers to visit Africa.

Given the success of the first FOA project, in 1995, 99 photographers again traveled to Africa. The images captured were used to create the first Internet website to promote Safaris. In addition South African Airways invested $1,000,000 in a multi-media presentation to educate the travel industry on East and Southern Africa offered the soft adventure traveler. David Anderson presented this educational in 38 cities in the US. The presentation was also presented in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

During 2004, 142 photographers participated in the second Focus on Africa project and the book, n Safari: The Source for Safaris in East and Southern Africa and the companion website www.OnSafari.info continued this goal by providing travelers with a complete resource on how to choose an African safari, or in essence, everything from how to get there to where to stay. By taking the mystery out of traveling to Africa, travelers will feel confident to visit Africa, thus supporting tourism and the wildlife.

You have the opportunity to travel to this magnificent continent with other photo enthusiasts whose interests lie in nature, wildlife and indigenous cultures. Each safari itinerary has been carefully designed by David Anderson Safaris. From these photo safaris, the editors of On Safari: The Source for Safaris in East and Southern Africa will select the best images for the second edition of this source book and www.OnSafari.info

By participating in Focus on Africa, you will be contributing to the conservation of Africa’s endangered wildlife and helping the African people to create sustainable economies that work for the greater good of all.

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