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International Air Transportation
"Getting there is part of the adventure."
Born Free Safaris can make your air arrangements for your Focus on Africa Safari. Since their only destination is Africa, they have developed special relationships with several airlines. It is impossible however, given the ever-changing airfares, to quote an exact airfare. Once your application has been accepted and we have your non-refundable deposit, you will get an airfare quote from the Born Free Safaris air department.
South African Airways, Northwest KLM, or United Airline with Kenya Airways
All southern Africa itineraries are based on using South African Airways service out of New York’s JFK, Dullus, or Atlanta to Johannesburg or Cape Town. SAA is the premier carrier to South Africa and has connecting service to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Kenya, gateways to all our African programs. Northwest KLM, which flies out of a number of gateways to both Nairobi and Arusha, Tanzania is a good choice when combining Kenya and Tanzania. United Airways/Virgin Atlantic connecting with Kenya Airways in London usually has the best fares and schedules for East Africa.

Other Air Arrangements
Should you decide to purchase your air tickets from an agency other than David Anderson World Ventures , you must submit a copy of your air itinerary to Focus on Africa. Frequent Flyer Bonus Coupons can be used on some airlines for transportation between the U.S. and Europe. Since the number of “free seats” on these programs are limited, you must place your reservations directly with the airline early.
Restriction and Ticketing Policies

While we have close relationships with many airlines, unfortunately, we do not own or set policies for any of them. Therefore, to help clarify this integral part of your safari, we offer the following:

a) Some airfares allow for no deviations to your safari itinerary. If you deviate, the airfare may change.

b) David Anderson World Ventures will quote you the current airfare at the time you register for your safari. However, airfares are subject to change, by the airline, up until the time of ticketing.

c) David Anderson World Ventures will be happy to request your seating preference but do not guarantee actual seat assignments prior to departure.

d) Some tickets are based on non-refundable, non-changeable fares.

Inter-Africa Airfares
Additional airfares for inter-Africa flights will depend on your safari itinerary. All Southern Africa safaris for Focus on Africa have been designed to work with the current South African Airways schedule. SAA has special low add-on fares for those flying transatlantic on SAA. Charter flights are listed as a separate cost.

For the lowest airfares visit www.davidanderson.worldventures.com as David Anderson Safaris is *not a travel agency and cannot issue air tickets.

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