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That’s all we do! We are not a travel agency. Most travel agencies and tour companies offer many destinations. David Anderson Safaris only designs and plans travel to Africa. With well over two decades of experience, this specialization has made us the experts in this unique travel experience.

Carefully Designed Itineraries
We know Africa. For over a decade we have been dedicated to providing clients with safari itineraries, which offer more than just photographing the wildlife of Africa. When you travel to Africa with David Anderson Safaris, you won’t just see Africa, you will experience Africa. All itineraries in this brochure have been carefully designed with you, the photographer, in mind. You will be experiencing the best in African safaris.

Your Accommodations
We will use some of the finest hotels, lodges and tented camps available in each area of Africa. Our staff has made frequent site visits to evaluate the new properties which become available. Our mission is that you experience Africa in style and comfort while capturing the magic of an African safari on film.

Educational and Cultural Experiences
As magnificent as the wildlife is, Africa also has rich and colorful cultures. David Anderson’s background as an adult educator taught him that any travel experience can be greatly enhanced by providing opportunities to learn something about the people and the country being visited. Throughout your safari, you meet and photograph the people of Africa.

Professional Safari Guides
David Anderson Safaris’ professional guides are selected on their ability to communicate their in-depth knowledge about Africa to our clients. They will assist you in getting those “National Geographic” pictures for your portfolio. Our criteria include friendliness, a thorough knowledge of wildlife and a dedication to making your safari an unforgettable experience.

Professional Photographer Escorts
You will notice that some of the safaris offered in Focus On Africa include a professional photographer escort. We have chosen world-class photographers to share their knowledge and experience with you. And the group size is limited on each safari so that you have time to shoot with the pros.
On some safaris we will use local guides who are not professional photographers, but nonetheless are experienced at taking photographers on safari. These safaris are offered at a lower price to accommodate photographers who want to participate in Focus On Africa but have limited funds. With almost 30 different safaris being offered, there is a safari that will satisfy a range of budgets.

Ideal Group Size
Each of the itineraries for Focus On Africa has been designed with the needs of the photographer in mind. This includes allowing extra room in the vans and land cruisers for you and your equipment.

Safari Preparation
We are experts at preparing you for your photographic safari. First, there are the practical issues of packing lists, visas, air reservations, medical precautions, etc., which are required for your safari to become a reality. Over the years we have compiled all of the information necessary to prepare our clients for a safari. Each safari participant receives extensive information on Africa – its wildlife, people, economy, political system, the safari experience and much more. You will also receive information on photography to help you prepare for your photographic safari.
There is also mental preparation. Your safari will probably be the most enjoyable travel experience of your life. Anticipation can be half the excitement. For this reason we recommend you register early for your safari. After we receive your deposit you will begin to receive a series of mailings designed to start and keep you on your safari adventure.

High Value
David Anderson Safaris is committed to designing the highest quality safaris in the industry today. We do not design “budget safaris.” We believe Africa is a very special destination and the quality of your safari experience should always maintain the highest standards.

Our Commitment to Ecotourism
David Anderson Safaris has gained national recognition for our commitment to protecting the ecosystems and cultures of Africa. As chairman of the Focus on Africa project, David Anderson organized 136 photographers during 1993 to capture the magic of Africa on film. The best images were chosen for the book, Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation, and Man, coauthored by David Anderson, which addresses the role that tourism plays in the conservation of Africa’s wildlife.

Protecting Africa’s Future
The money earned from tourism in Africa helps in three very important ways. First, the foreign exchange helps build developing economies. Second, the money paid for game park fees is used for conservation and third, the local people earn money from working in the tourism industry. This provides an incentive to the local people to protect the wildlife of Africa thus ensuring employment for generations to come.

How your Images will be Used:
The intent of Focus on Africa is to raise awareness as to what Africa has to offer the adventure traveler. The goal is to create responsible and sustainable tourism in sub-Sahara Africa. The foreign exchange generated from this tourism will contribute to the conservation of Africa’s legendary wildlife and to the economic development of the countries involved. Tourism represents the greatest renewable resource in Africa.

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