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Some Reasons why you do not want to Miss Out on this Opportunity

This may be the greatest opportunity for the serious amateur photographer in the history of photography.

• You are receiving a huge discount on a safari specially designed for photographers;
• Your images will be used to raise awareness about the role the ecotourism plays in conservation and community development in Africa;
• You will be given tools to turn your images into dynamic paradigm shifting multi-media presentations to present in your community;
• You will learn from you photographer traveling companions as well as world class professionals such as Roy Toft, Alison Jones, and Connie Bransilver;
• And, this opportunity might be the one that launches your passion into a new career.

Financial Advantages

For those that do not understand the difference between paying for something with pre-taxed dollars and after-taxed income, we offer the following example:

Assuming that you meet the qualifications to join our team, and you fulfill all of your commitments, you may be eligible for either a charitable deduction if you do not have an income producing photography business or a business deduction if you are a professional photographer. So, for this illustration, we will assume that you fall into one of those two categories. We will use the Focus on Tanzania safari for this illustration to demonstrate the “real cost” of your participation in Focus on Africa and Focus on Planet Earth. We will also round up numbers to keep this simple for you right brain photographers.

$9,500 Retail Price – This is the estimated cost for international airfare and a safari with four people per vehicle, professional safari guide, professional photographer escort, permission to drive off-road, and extra weight on the flights within Africa.
$6,500 Photographer’s Price – This represents a 32% savings off the retail price.
$2,275 Tax Savings – Assuming a 35% income tax bracket, this is you tax savings.
$4,225 True Cost – This represents a 55% savings off the retail price.

In addition, any photography equipment that you purchased to participate might also be tax deductible. Your travel expenses to give presentation on behalf of Focus on Planet Earth may also be tax deductible.


Focus on Africa designs and plans the Africa expeditions for Focus on Planet Earth, a project of the Community Planet Foundation, a public charity described under Section 501(c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. It is not a private foundation, as it is an organization described in Section 509(a) (1) and 170(b) (1) (A) (VI) of the Internal Revenue Code. In general, contributions of cash, securities and property donated by US citizens to support humanitarian, scientific, or research projects sponsored by the Focus on Planet Earth are tax-deductible. Note: Contributions of cash or securities to a charitable organization are tax deductible only upon completion of giving. If you participate in a Focus on Planet Earth Expedition, any payment(s) to Focus on Planet Earth for an expedition may be tax deductible only after such payments are non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, participants may deduct reasonable out-of-pocket expenses associated with their participation in an expedition including some expenses for transportation. AS WITH ALL TAX MATTERS, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PERSONAL TAX ADVISOR ON ALL ISSUES CONCERNING TAX DEDUCTIBILITY.

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