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"Unless we change direction, we are bound to end up where we are headed."
Ancient Chinese Proverb

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Our Mission
The mission of Focus on Africa is to use the art and science of visual communication to raise the awareness of Americans about the health of Africa’s ecosystems and the impact that human activity is having on the quality of life for the people of Africa and the future of all life on the continent.

Our Goals

• Use various media to promote responsible and sustainable ecotourism that provides employment for the people in countries with a tourism industry;

• Empower the people of Africa to create sustainable economies that are in harmony with Nature;

• Create Communities based on the model created by the Community Planet Foundation’s to create Villages of 500 people each that will create five more Villages that form one Community of 3,000 people living in harmony with each other and with Nature;

• Provide clean drinking water and proper sanitation to the communities;

• Provide the funds to educate all of the children in the community and create conditions which result in everyone in the Community to continue their education;

• Provide education and training to the adults in the community that will lead to employment opportunities;

• Provide the funds through micro-economic loans for the people living in Community to start and sustain businesses that will support the Community and surrounding Communities;

• Create Communities in Africa that will assure that everyone in the Community has all of their needs met;

• To create a model based on Dr. Richard Leakey’s concept of protecting Nature by creating wildlife and biodiversity sanctuaries that do not depend on tourism revenue to survive;

• Create thousands of “American Ambassadors” composed of common Americans, young and old, that are willing to support our mission by giving presentations in their communities.

The Means for Achieving our Goal
By forming strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals committed to addressing Africa’s environmental problems, which have far-reaching social, economic, and health impacts, we will recruit thousands of photographers and video-photographers who will travel to ecosystems and communities in Africa to capture images. Through the art and science of visual communications, these images will be used in different media to accomplish our goal.

"Never forget that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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